Simply Bloom Photography Workshop | My oh my…

Part I of III

I have been anticipating the moment when I could reflect and share the goodness from an experience that will most certainly shape the rest of my photography career. I am obviously referring to the absolutely amazing Simply Bloom Workshop I attended last week in Huntsville, Alabama.

If you aren’t familiar with Christine & Vania’s work, then you must check out their portfolio and blog! Every time they post new material I am impressed by their unique vision, talent, and most of all, consistency. They draw out the beautiful essence of each and every lucky person that is captured with their cameras. Their style is romantic and their artwork truly inspires me. I was thrilled when they announced that their workshop would be held during a time when I could attend.

Simply Bloom Photography is relatively new to the wedding photography industry, but it’s not an accident that their partnership is light years beyond their two year experience. As they shared their story, it’s very clear Christine & Vania are passionate and committed to their work. They both graduated as graphic designers and evolved into photographers {one of the reasons I love them so much}. Their evolution was not by chance, they’ve mastered their craft on purpose. They have put a lot of time and research into how to remarkably push the envelope in their business and their images. It’s usually difficult for two artists to work together so fluidly, but there is an absence of competition or pride. Watching them work and interact in perfect sync was enough to make us all wish that perhaps our best friends will be interested in forming a photography partnership someday…

I took some quick snapshots during our breaks, because the chapel was so adorable I couldn’t resist:

For some reason this pregnancy has me disliking cake {what once used to be one of my favorite desserts}. However, the peanut butter frosting from Gigi’s Cupcakes was pure addiction. I won’t lie, I’ve fantasized about having it again…

It was adorable how Christine used the trampoline for a little more height. Being 62 {and a half} inches myself, I can appreciate any and every little boost I can find!

Vania… she has one of the biggest smiles of anyone I’ve ever met!

The models were actually past wedding clients for Vania & Christine. They were fantastic & very patient with all of us scrambling to shoot them.

The workshop was a full day and intense. I don’t think I’ve scribbled so many notes since my Flash class {no kidding, seven large pages and I write terribly small}. Being eight months pregnant, I was a little nervous about the trip & whether I’d be able to keep up with everyone else. It was so incredible I almost forgot about my limitations until dinner. By the time our crème brûlée arrived, I could barely keep my eyes open. I can’t remember the last time a day has passed so quickly, but exhausted never felt so good!

Christine and Vania, thank you so much for all the work & preparation you put into such a lovely workshop. You made us all feel very welcome and shared so many valuable insights that I ponder over constantly. You deserve every honor and recognition that you have earned, you work so hard & produce amazing photographs. Thank you for inspiring me & teaching so much! ♥

{I will be posting my favorite shots from the styled session in the Part II Post from the Simply Bloom Workshop}.

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  • Mayra - April 26, 2010 - 5:17 pm

    Andrea! These are AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS! You described it PERFECTLY! THANK YOU for sharing our wonderful day with everyone! XX

  • Amy McClain - April 26, 2010 - 7:31 pm

    you are impressive as always dear <3

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  • Ashley - April 27, 2010 - 11:09 am


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  • david - August 25, 2010 - 6:52 pm

    hi amazing blog and images
    I wonderd if you would share some of your processing techniques to get that loveley hazy summer look?

    I would love to attend the courses but unforrtunatey i dont have the money not to mention im in the wrong country 🙂

    I look foreward to your reply , I would be ever so greatful if you take the time to explain the process a little?

    thanks again


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  • Larissa - December 19, 2010 - 12:05 pm

    These images are so gorgeous! I was going to sign up for their course but unfortunately they have always been too far away for me as well =( I am with David on the hazy summer look. Would you be able to email me on the processing technique & explain the process a little to get this look? I would really appreciate it!!

    All the best!


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