Dayton Vintage Children’s Photography

These three boys have a special place in my heart. Their mamas have been incredible friends of mine for many years & it’s very awesome to see their individual personalities take shape as they grow. Having my own son & another boy on the way, we are very aware that when we get together there is some major outnumbering going on! It’s ok though, because with little “mans” {as my son Kevin would say} as handsome & sweet as them, it’s not a bad thing to be surrounded!



I could shoot with this delicious lighting every day and never tire of it {and subjects as perfect as these boys}!

Oh the temptations for three young boys climbing on this contraption… they showed a lot of restraint for this portrait!

After we “finished,” we let the boys cut loose and this perfect scene unfolded. This is why when I say I’m “done” I never put my camera up right away:

Photographing children is outrageously fun & unpredictable! You never know what you will get & they are quite entertaining.
Here are some outtakes from their vintage inspired portrait session:

I enjoyed this session so much, a big thank you to their mamas for coordinating their outfits and helping to keep everything flowing on such a hot March day! We enjoyed popsicles at the end {to my satisfaction}. My one regret is that I didn’t incorporate the women behind the scenes, but I look forward to when we will! ♥

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