Recap from October {Part I}

When you live in Ohio, you feel a certain adoration for Fall- its beautiful colors & comfortable chill. On the other hand, you carry on with trepidation, knowing that at any moment, the weather may turn & Winter may take over. Before that happens, we strive to do all we can to savor all the beauty around us. In between a week long “honeymoon,” three weddings & four engagement shoots, various family sessions, & two huge cakes… we did what we could to enjoy the season together. Especially because Rock wasn’t with us last year & is most likely not going to be here this time next year.

It’s hard for me to believe that a few months have gone by since I re-launched my blog & yet this will be my three year old son, Kevin’s, debut! He made some appearances on the old one, but it’s definitely time to post some pictures of the two “mans” I love {and photograph} the most.

2009 Barn Bash at the Duncan’s Farm


Fulton Farms October 20th




Taken by my assistant of course…

I always tell people that having a growing boy running around while I learn about photography has helped me grow. I always have to be ready for anything, I have to remain inconspicuous or he will stop doing whatever he is doing, & I test the limits of slower speeds used on toddlers…


He’s getting so big. I love his independence, imagination, & loyalty.


I gobble him up daily… for good reason. I know I’m biased, but he’s my favorite.


The lovely sunset {& I always love a nice interesting tree}.


Quick snapshots from a funny day. Kevin had to sneeze then he ran & got something & came back to the kitchen. He told me he needed his glasses when he sneezes, because that’s what Imagination Movers do…


This was a cake I made in early October for a friend’s mom’s surprise birthday party. The budget allowed for me to use homemade ingredients for everything {except fondant…I prefer the workability of packaged fondant vs. the unreliable homemade versions}. The pumpkins were hand made w/ marshmallow fondant. I’m in love with Swiss Meringue Vanilla Bean Buttercream… a little time consuming, but worth every minute! We definitely drew inspiration from an Amy Atlas creation, and a family member made the wood cake pedestal.


*** No more wedding cakes for me. I don’t mind cakes {like this one} for 60 servings & under, birthday cakes, cupcakes, etc. But never a wedding cake again. Unless you are my little sister, Abby Bell, and you are getting married someday {like ten years}. I would probably make her cake…
Just not into doing it on a larger scale… for a thousand reasons, no thank you!

This post started getting longer & longer… so part two coming up next: Mexico pictures & trick or treat. Then back to the families & engagements you haven’t had a chance to see. Oh yeah, and a few weddings :]

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