Bannorra Family | Dayton, Oh Children’s Photographer

I’ve known Tara & Tiffany for years. We met through my church youth group, and they were like big sisters to me. I’ll never forget sharing chimi-cheesecakes at Applebees {where I eventually worked with them} or piling into Tiff’s old white station wagon for high school football games on Friday nights. I was actually with them, at an Elms concert, the first time I ever remember being introduced to my husband.

Photographing them with their children is pretty much as good as it gets. When people make your life more beautiful for so many years & encourage you through every teenage disaster, then, you have an opportunity to show them how special their life is… it’s just cool.

With all my love, enjoy.


I love standing back quietly as a witness. Watching. Waiting… for innocence to bloom through my lens.


b_12 copy


Tara{h}: He is growing so fast. But he couldn’t be more handsome or sweet. You’re a beautiful mama!


Love the colors in the next two of Tara & Zak. They were some of the last ones we took as the sun was setting.


b_10 copy

Love my lens. Especially how it enables me to give Photoshop a break so often…


Tiffany had asked me to do her wedding while I was still in school for graphic design. It was a really big encouragement, since I had never thought of doing photography that way before. I regret not doing her wedding for her, but she has continued to help inspire & coax me in that direction.
The next time I was asked by another friend, I said yes.
And good things have happened.
I will always try to continue making it up to her…


And one more…


Sometimes I add lens flare in my “digital darkroom.” This one was natural {rainbow & all}. Lucky timing.

Hope you enjoyed these photos, they were truly a labor of love. Thanks for being part of my life {for so long} you two!
Which one was your favorite?

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  • tiffany - October 27, 2009 - 12:09 pm

    Andrea, you are phenomenal!!! I love, love, love them! I cant wait to see the rest. My very favorite is the one of me and Chad! I cant believe you captured that! We NEVER take good pictures together! EVER! And that one is so sexy! I LOVE it! I love how you captured MOMENTS. Like Carys just being an angel looking off by the flowers. And little Rae Rae brushing her hair out of her face while holding a beautiful flower! You are amazing! Im so excited to see them all. Love you!

    Thank you for what you said in your intro. I just love you dearly. I am so glad I have been able to be a part of your life. And a positive part, at that! (Sometimes, I just dont feel like I contribute any good.. ) You are such a jem. Such a deep and beautiful soul. You have just blossomed into a beautiful and talented woman. I am blessed to call you friend.

    Love you,


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