Nail Polish & Batteries

Fridays before weddings are usually quiet days around here. I try to focus on charging batteries, backing up memory cards, making multiple prints of timelines, and taking inventory of all my gear.
Today I’ve been organizing batteries and wanted to share a little tip.

Wedding Photographers- Color Code Your Batteries |

 iPhone 4 | Shot with Camera+ & edited in Afterlight

I tiptoe the line on insanity when it comes to my Nikon Speedlight batteries. Since 2010, I’ve labeled them in batches of four, (since I use four AA batteries on each of my Speedlights). I use some flashes more than others & always have extra batteries, so the wear on each set can be different. I don’t want to have to guess through my entire battery inventory if there is one set in particular that is not holding a charge, is older, or has been damaged. In the past I’ve written dates on them with stickers, but I’ve noticed that even a slim sticker makes them get stuck in the SB 700 slots (I rotate between sb 700 & sb 910s depending on what I’m shooting). I tried sharpies and they easily rubbed off. Now I use a small stroke of nail polish to code them on the battery label. I also use these great (color coded of course) battery cases that my friend shared with me. They are great for knowing the day of an event which ones are charged and which ones have been used.

I’ve love to know if you have a little tip for organizing your gear that you’d like to share!

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a good weekend! ♥


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