Spring has drowsily awakened.
Pallid and shy, flashing only glimpses of its potential.

We wait.

In between poetic musings & pulling weeds,
we’ve had our share of little incidents.
Lately it seems to be second nature to pack an overnight bag and stay with a sister.
Whether it’s because of a raccoon{s?} in our attic or a mischievous two year old putting a magic eraser in our {one} toilet.
Thankfully we have a very kind family that holds us up, supports us,
and patiently help us get back on our feet… and back in our home.

I’m trying to skip to the part where it’s all kind of a funny story. ♥


Pictures are from a few weeks ago.
Damian wouldn’t keep his shoes on while he ran around the yard.
Finally I gave up chiding him and photographed him as he is.

{funny socks, considering our week}

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