Waking up with the “Shine”

This spring break Damian has been complaining that the “Shine” is waking him up, {usually we’re up before sunrise so this is new to him}. It’s become a funny little tradition to see his grumpy face tell me it’s too bright & cover his little eyes in defiance at the light.

This morning, after his usual complaints, he continued on about something else.
After listening for a moment, we could distinguish that he was confused by the morning sky.
He wondered why it wasn’t pink and blue like last night’s colorful sunset.
The evening before, in a mad frenzy of excitement, I snatched him up and opened the window.
Holding him up between curtains unveiled a spectacularly painted exhibition over our ancient trees.
Admittedly, as the spell of twilight wore off, I felt a little silly to be standing on my tippi toes
and holding my toddler in an accidental Lion King fashion.
I often wonder what they make of their eccentric mother.

I try to inspire them and keep a positive outlook.
Yet there are times when I know if I hear one more little person yell, “MOM!!!” I will run away & hide.
They know my weaknesses.

Realizing that he wakes up remembering our moments gives me hope that they will both take something good from me.


Truly, my brightest sunshine. ♥

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