My Almost Seven Kevin

We’ve been adjusting to Damian sleeping in a bed now that he’s realized that his climbing capabilities can get him out of a crib.
The child who once went to sleep without a fight for two years is now the insomniac of every mother’s nightmare.
Last night he was downright cruel and hardly slept.
Tonight went much better, {clearly because I am writing after all!}.

As I was waiting for him to fall asleep, I found myself browsing pictures from today on my phone. I began to remember what an encouragement his older brother is to me. Kevin watches the meltdowns and tantrums. We make eye contact and silently communicate that his behavior can be completely absurd. Knowing that someone else can see what a little monster I’m dealing with makes me feel like I can retain some of my own sanity. He also knows just how to distract Damian from being naughty. I can’t even calculate how many times I breathe a prayer of thanks for his help just buckling Damian in the car!

Five minutes of pictures by a rain soaked window.
And in the quiet I’m flooded with love for my little rock.
I just want to go pick up this little man-boy and hold him in his sleep.
I want him to know how I treasure him.
He emits a light that I don’t ever want to see dim.
I hope he knows how grateful I am to be given the chance to be close to him.


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And today, I wish I’d had more than my phone ready to take these. ♥

I’ll also admit, very openly and honestly, that even though he is very helpful, he is only six. He also has all the flaws of a six year old.
Because sometimes it’s just too tempting to flip your little brother’s “baby Elmo” into the fake cereal that he is feeding it
and completely disrupt a peaceful breakfast.

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  • Chloe - February 27, 2013 - 4:20 pm

    This sounds a lot like what happens in my home!

    Too think so much time has passed while he was still in your belly is hard to believe!

    I know he will have a wonderful birthday with a momma like you! 🙂

  • Andrea - February 28, 2013 - 7:18 am

    I’m glad you can relate! Yes, Texas seems like another life! He is getting so tall that I’m starting to wonder how he could be the same chubby boy I met there. This year we are definitely celebrating in a smaller way, probably let him pick something he really wants to do. He wants to have a party in another month or two when his best friend is back. I can’t believe yours is going to be 8! I’ll never forget how excited he made me to meet Kevin and have a little boy of my own!

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