Thankful ♥

Looking at bare branches, sloshing through cold rain, and tightening up my coat lately leads me to believe it must be close to winter… even if I swear it must be September. There haven’t been any posts lately. Not for lack of content, just prioritizing time with meeting deadlines & taking care of my family in the midst of one {huge} home project after another. They always take longer than you think {trust me}! The chaos & clutter of a busy fall is still evident in what feels like every corner of this little home. Sometimes it can be frustrating to have a vision of how you want everything to be, but feel like it’s just not happening fast enough.

Today we are all reflecting on what we are grateful for. As a military wife, thankfulness has become a practice that eases many other disappointments. As a mama, it brings new life to mornings that begin after very long nights. Being thankful is powerful, it always positively affects the atmosphere of my mental state.

When I see tools overtaking my kitchen, I feel gratitude that my husband is here to use them.

When I trip over train tracks, I smile because of the little engineer that builds them brightens my world everyday.

When I see itty bitty laundry, I cherish these moments of my baby’s tiny size.

It gets harder and harder to remember why I could ever feel discontent when I am so aware of all the ways my life is overflowing with blessings.♥

Rocky & the boys were reuniting after two weeks apart for him to work on the living room. He just refinished the floors {not pictured} & we have “moved back” in this past week! I honestly am not able to picture what life would be like if Damian still wouldn’t have met his daddy for another two months! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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  • Courtney - December 4, 2010 - 9:40 am

    *LOVE* 🙂

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