Hooray for Halloween Parties | White & Black Halloween Inspiration

I thought September went fast. But now October is drawing to a close & I have no idea how it is possible it went even quicker than last month.

Remember our little “vintage” house I mentioned a few posts back? Well, it was time to gut the living room & rebuild it… for many many good reasons. My husband, Rocky, has been working hard at it for two weeks while I have been staying with my parents. He has been texting me images of his progress, but cut me off tonight and said that I’m not allowed to see any more until I come back. I miss him & can’t wait to see the big reveal this weekend… and go trick or treating with all my “mans!” Last year I was photographing a super sweet & glamorous couple’s wedding & missed out on our tradition. It always means a lot when I’m able to enjoy holidays as a family. {I remain grateful that the boys have their daddy with them}.

This month I’ve been able to work with some lovely people & photograph some projects that have me giddy with excitement to share with you all! The first is a chic, budget friendly, mock Halloween party styled by Alli, the creator of the blog “Hooray Design.”

She gives a wonderful narrative on her blog, so check it out for sure! Here is the eye candy from the lovely shoot she set up:

Alli thank you so much for creating such a lovely Halloween tablescape, it was so much fun to have a coworker for a day! We have some more inspiration coming up for the winter as well… you will not want to miss it {this girl is a genius}!

I hope everyone has a lovely Halloween weekend! I can’t wait to get my shark & octopus all set to go grab some candy ♥

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