It’s hard to remember when breakfast was optional {and usually skipped}…

I’m 34 weeks and even though this pregnancy has been very good to me {not a day of nausea}, I’m not going to hate being able to hold this beautiful baby boy in my arms. Proof that I am not missing any meals…

We’ve been making a lot of changes to prepare for my husband’s upcoming deployment. The biggest one is that we’ve been boxing up our current house and moving {locally}. Well, we haven’t quite “moved in,” but that will come soon. There is some work to do on the new place, but we’re just tackling it a day at a time. Being very close to family will be a huge blessing with a newborn and very active four year old!

Another day I will probably reflect a little bit about what it’s like to brace yourself for a deployment while pregnancy hormones try to sabotage your sanity… but for now I’m finding that the best medicine is to stay active. Talk to people {even when there’s not a lot to say}. Grab drinks at Sonic. Clean until it shines. Let it go when it’s not important. Hold him every chance you get. Speak openly about your fears. Stay fanatical about Lost {only three more hours left}. Sleep when you can. Work when insomnia doesn’t let you sleep. Take lots of pictures. There will never be enough, but they will mean everything when he’s gone. ♥

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