Spring Picnic | Dayton Children’s Portrait Photographer

My mother always preferred lemon flavored desserts, I never understood why. My sweet tooth always wanted dark, rich chocolates. This pregnancy, I find myself reaching for fruits and citrus flavors. I can’t get enough of sweet & tangy combinations. The lemon macarons with lemon curd filling that I made for this shoot are actually just an excuse for a pregnant lady to bake {and indulge} in what I was craving.

I’ve been eagerly anticipating spring and couldn’t wait to start shooting outdoors again. The idea was to create a sweet picnic for two adorable sisters with a yellow theme. As I’ve been assembling this post, Pandora played a live version of Coldplay’s Yellow. No kidding. I had to laugh at the very appropriate selection.

I love cotton candy & how it never fails to take me back to being a little girl. Usually, the portions are too much to eat at once. I made some quick cotton candy suckers by slicing the cotton candy, then cutting it with a cookie cutter. I assembled the cotton candy hearts on the candy stick with a small dab of lemon curd. I recommend them if you have some main desserts but want a pop of color and flavor for a shower, wedding, or birthday. I’ll have to post a DIY with pictures of how I assembled them and some creative ideas. The only drawback: they won’t last long.

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