Happy New Decade

I feel like I always want to pause time in mid December. Inevitably, days slip into weeks and a new year has already started. My dad says January always goes by fast, and I believe him. By the time I get used to writing, I mean typing, the correct new year it is February. I am really hoping that I can be a productive designer while the temperatures dip & the daylight is reclusive.

I have been thinking a lot about what I want my new year & decade to look like. Despite my own skepticism in resolutions, I find myself opening to new {white} pages in my sketch book. Sometimes I journal, sometimes I draw. Since college, it has been the place where I work out design & invent new ones. The enthusiasm of starting a new year always inspires me. Last year I was wrestling Flash so that I could design my portfolio site & get it launched because I already had brides e-mailing me about their upcoming weddings. I felt a little overwhelmed & inadequate, but so encouraged that they all seemed to be coming to me even though they knew I did not do it professionally. Even though I wasn’t fully satisfied with how the site turned out, I felt like I was at a place where I could either spend the next year working it out or close Flash & take out my camera. I opted for the latter. Now I want to rejuvenate my brand & let my portfolio site reflect where I am at & where I am going. If you don’t mind, I would love to post updates & have you critique my work. It is one of the things I miss most about being a student!

This new year is also exciting for my family because we will be meeting our new baby in June! I am fifteen weeks pregnant & we are already captivated by this little one. I will not be doing any weddings in June or early July. The timing might seem strange, but we’re also working around Rock’s next deployment that will also start this summer. I’ve always put my family first and never regretted those decisions, like when I quit design school to follow my husband to Texas. I was able to finish after we moved back & Kevin was a baby. Then I focused on supporting my husband and taking care of Kevin. Opportunities to do photography fell effortlessly into my lap. I have found that in the right timing & with hard work, there will always be room for my dreams…

Thanks for reading about some thoughts on my mind, I’ve started to redesign my logo a little bit and can’t wait to get my hands on the other files. I hope this new year is filled with much love & good food… because I guess right now that is about my equivalent to happiness ;]

This is Whitney, on her wedding day. Such a perfectly beautiful bride, right?

logo copy
First revision of logo… I’m sure it’s not the end but I do like it!

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