My Funniest Christmas Memory

I like to have fun & enjoy spontaneity {we willingly stay in the military, right?}, but I’m kind of boring when it comes to Christmas. I just want my family with me, pretty lights, music, maybe snow, and definitely homemade Belgian waffles {with maple syrup} for breakfast. We keep it pretty simple. In order to even begin to write about this topic, IÂ need to redefine “Christmas” as “winter” and go back several years…

My funniest Christmas memory: The Monopoly Crasher

I mentioned that we started dating in December. When I say, “we dated,” by “we,” I mean my “entire family” dated Rocky. I have a huge family and I had to share Rocky with all of them. This meant that instead of just going on little romantic dates alone, we would find ourselves in Gestures & Monopoly battles with whichever one of my seven siblings was home at the time. Things could get out control pretty quickly. I won’t say we are all cheaters, but none of us like to lose. I don’t think you’ve ever understood the word “intense” until you see how we play board games.

It was on a night like this that my dad answered the door to a guy about our age, dressed in his sunday best. My dad, the friendly person he is, led him to the living room couch and engaged him in some small talk. I assumed he was my brother’s friend, and we played on. They assumed he was my friend, and played on. By “played,” I mean got back to our belligerent & loud Monopoly game in the same room as this guest.

There was laughter, accusitions of cheating, and probably some bragging.

Finally, the confused man on the couch stood up & began talking. We all took notice.

“I must be in the wrong house… is this _____?”


“He said to go to the house with all the cars so I assumed it was this one. I’m supposed to be at a wake…” he trailed off quietly.

We knew the person he was referring to and the tragedy that had just happened in the family. It became silent as we said goodbye and the realization of what happened sunk through us.

“So… you didn’t know him?”

“I didn’t know him. I thought you did.”

“We didn’t know him, figured he was waiting on you.”

We looked to my dad, who innocently shrugged and said that he was just being nice to who he figured was one of our friends. So the man thought he was in the midst of a grieving family and found instead… us.

I’d like to say that we kept quiet & learned to behave, but I’m pretty sure that will never happen.
We just try to do a bit more of an interview before we let random people sit on the couch.

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  • Sara - December 17, 2009 - 5:03 pm

    THAT is funny! What a great family you have (at least they sound like a lot of fun!) 🙂

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