Kevin in Christmas {Changes}

You will have to excuse my absence from my blogs. It’s not that I’m not alive & working. It’s more that, because I am… there are a few things that need to be prioritized in order to be my most productive. Keeping in touch with my readers is important, but so is taking care of my clients.
{I can see them all nodding in agreement with me!}

Every business strives to be unique. I’ve been really searching as to what that means for me. I started to think about “what I do” and “why I started doing it.” I can’t say that I’ve always visualized myself as a photographer. I know it might be strange to admit that on my professional site. You know, I’m supposed to claim that I came out of my mother with a camera in hand, right? I’m supposed to say that I always knew what I wanted and this is it. Well, it’s really not the way it happened for me. Instead, it’s a passion that has been born out of other passions.

I fell in love with an expert in photography, and it’s been fun to learn from him.
I fell in love with my baby son, and used photography to help me remember how beautiful he is.
I fell in love with graphic design and used photography as a tool to make my designs stronger.

Then… finally… I fell head over heels in love with photography & it’s become my obsession.

Something clicked when I started to think about everything that has led up to where I am now. I’ve always offered to do design for my clients as an endnote, but I am professionally trained as a designer. Now I want to incorporate it more into all of my clients’ experiences with me. It dawned on me that it’s like an architect designing a home, then handing everything over to a builder for them to finish. What if the architect was also a builder? Someone with complete control over both aspects of the job would bring a cohesive vision to reality.

This winter will be the perfect opportunity to explore my options and debut them for you to see. I’ve been slowly making investments that will help me transition into a photographer who will bring my specialized design to the printing process. I do feel very excited about this next chapter in my story… stay tuned :]

Kevin tagged along to an engagement shoot last week. I have now started to consider Tipp City as my personal studio {been there many times in summer/fall}Â & knew just where I wanted him to stand… I say, “stand,” because we all know that three year olds are almost incapable of being posed! I look forward to the day when he will cooperate a little more, but I guess on the other hand, I never know what I’ll get when it comes to him ;]

Lucky for me, he was obsessed with really big trucks on the road. And a really big truck was going by…



I don’t normally bother to ask Kevin to smile, I have to find other ways to make him laugh. If I do, I normally get something like this next picture. Oh boy…


I tend to take the definition of “photojournalistic” & “candid” to the max when it comes to children {like my son}. It’s why when I get to work with adults, I tend to exclaim, “Oh wow, you listen so well…” Now you kind of understand why I say that!


When Kevin could just barely walk, I became obsessed with pictures of his reflections. They are near & dear to this mama’s heart…


His coat was getting red from rubbing on all the brick buildings :]

There will be more sessions to post, stories to tell. I don’t think I’ll be updating my blogger site. If I ever do decide to do more baking, I’ll just post images on here. Again, I’ve had to prioritize and there hasn’t been a lot of room for that hobby.

So very excited it’s December… we love Chrstmas around here :]

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  • Mary Dozier - December 2, 2009 - 10:39 pm

    You take very beautiful pictures. You have an eye for some of the most unusual shots. You have grown into a very talented person and I say this sincerely.
    You take everything you do to the next level.
    You have become an established photographer, a talented cake decorator, but most of all, you are an extremely good journalist.
    I think you have a calling in any of these fields but don’t let the writing pass by. You do it so well!!

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