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Throwing this little Easter egg painting party for my two little mans was a lot of fun. My husband was traveling for the Air Force and returned just in time for Easter morning. In the past it’s been hard for me to feel like celebrating holidays when I know that he will miss them {or all the festivities leading up to them}. Over the years I’ve had to learn to “adjust my sails” & learn to sometimes celebrate as three instead of four. I’m not perfect but inching toward better.
This sunny afternoon was our way of creating a little tradition of our own.

We baked chocolate chip muffins & Kevin requested popcorn with extra butter for our little egg decorating picnic. I brought out some of my favorite Easter books & Kevin read them while I set up the table {my husband’s makeshift utility table for cutting drywall… I want him to make one for our dining room & he laughs at me}. Damian ate all the chocolate chips & none of the muffins. His brother had to paint with little fingers always ready to steal the eggs, but he was a good sport. Kevin picked the tulips from our yard & even styled them for me. My soon to be two year old also painted the three gold eggs… I can’t even describe what it’s like to see Kevin & Damian get so excited about becoming little artists! ♥

Kevin’s birthday party was a lot of fun as well, there will definitely be pictures coming soon!

I’ll close with some black & white images from our day! ♥

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  • Alli - April 12, 2012 - 7:16 pm

    This is so sweet, Andrea! I love how special you made it for your boys.

  • Andrea - April 12, 2012 - 7:22 pm

    I thought of you & our very fun shoot from last year… because this was fun but very chaotic (making sure Damian didn’t run into the road, etc). The one at your house was so peaceful in comparison, lol!

  • Alli - April 12, 2012 - 7:36 pm

    Ha! If they’re anything like my little nephews, I bet it was quite the adventure : )

  • Jaclyn - April 13, 2012 - 11:17 am

    These are beautiful! And i am so jealous of your long hair…i cut off an inch the other day and it feels weird…:-/

  • Andrea - April 21, 2012 - 7:38 am

    Jaclyn, thank you! I always say that it stays long not out of patience but neglect, lol! An inch here or there is a good thing though! Keeps it healthy 🙂

I’m so excited for these two! Will managed a stealth-sneak-into-town & surprise his longtime girlfriend, Myranda with a visit after not seeing each other for months!
He also brought a pretty ring & a plan to ask her to marry him.
Their friends & family got to witness the beautiful scene as their surprise reunion + engagement took place.
Before he had to go back to his base in Florida they wanted to have some engagement portraits taken.
I’m so happy these pretty blooms held on long enough for us to have them in the picture ♥

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Hello world!

Here is a preview from Chris & Stephani’s Miami University wedding in Oxford, Ohio. They are both officers in the Air Force & currently stationed across the globe from each other. It was an honor to photograph the story of two extraordinary people & the celebration of being reunited with their families & each other…

 Congratulations Chris & Stephani! ♥

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I’m about to take my little family to meet up with some more family, but wanted to pop in here to say hello!

My little Damian turned one today. At 12:55 PM.
You can read his birth story here & see some newborn pictures here.

Although this year has passed much too quickly, I feel so grateful for the sweetness we’ve shared & the blessing of having his Daddy being home to meet him.
Rocky was in a painful collision that tore his Achilles tendon. Because of surgery & recovery, he did not deploy to Iraq but was able to meet Damian.
We instantly agreed that Damian’s middle name would be Achilles.

My two little kiddos mean the world to me, and I’ve taken a little break from the rest of the world to celebrate with them today.
(Ok, I did some e-mailng & editing before they woke up this morning).

I’ll be back soon.

Here is a peek of an engagement session featured on Green Wedding Shoes today.

I adore this blog & am so honored to have this engagement session featured on there! ♥

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Yesterday I wrote a little something to Rocky for Father’s Day. I was in the middle of posting the link here, and was interrupted by Damian waking up. He had a runny nose earlier in the day, but we didn’t think much of it. He woke because he was having trouble breathing, sometimes gasping for air. I started to panic & tried to think of what I should do first for my sick little man. Then I saw Rocky come out of our bedroom on a mission. Although he had been sleeping, he immediately went to work. Before I knew it, he had the suction tube, the vaporizer, the baby rub. I got to cuddle & rock Damian while his Daddy took care of making us comfortable.

Within a few moments I was holding a sleeping baby & feeling so thankful for the man I married seven years ago.

This rainy morning Damian is doing just fine. His little puppy eyes are a little droopy but he is still walking around & getting into mischief like his usual self.
I know he’ll never really know all of the things his Daddy does to “make us more comfortable,”
but I truly hope he & Kevin will grow into men just like him.


Here are some photographs that I treasure from the past couple months:

I’ve been trying to cherish the moments I have with my family. I always take pictures of them, but until recently, I haven’t revisited them enough. I started (my third!) Blogger blog & I’m hoping this one sticks! It’s nice to have a little place to celebrate my little family & the sweetness in life. You can check it out at ♥







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  • Michelle March - June 21, 2011 - 7:19 am

    This was soooo sweet! 🙂 Such beautiful memories. Rocky seems like an exceptional father to your two treasures. xoxo

  • sarah - June 21, 2011 - 9:00 am

    the bathroom renovation is my favorite!

  • Melanie - June 21, 2011 - 5:48 pm

    Andrea! I love reading the pieces you post! They always make me smile, and remind me of how much I appreciate my husband and how much fun I have with my kids! You’re so inspiring, too! Every time I read your blog or look at your pictures, I just want to create something ! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas with us!

  • Andrea - June 25, 2011 - 12:16 am

    Thanks Michelle, he is so special 🙂 Sarah, thanks! I am so happy to see it updated & able to use it again! Melanie, THANK YOU! That was so sweet of you to say. I wish I had more time to “do it all” but that makes me feel like the time I spend doing this is worth it! Thanks!