Damian Turns One Today

I’m about to take my little family to meet up with some more family, but wanted to pop in here to say hello!

My little Damian turned one today. At 12:55 PM.
You can read his birth story here & see some newborn pictures here.

Although this year has passed much too quickly, I feel so grateful for the sweetness we’ve shared & the blessing of having his Daddy being home to meet him.
Rocky was in a painful collision that tore his Achilles tendon. Because of surgery & recovery, he did not deploy to Iraq but was able to meet Damian.
We instantly agreed that Damian’s middle name would be Achilles.

My two little kiddos mean the world to me, and I’ve taken a little break from the rest of the world to celebrate with them today.
(Ok, I did some e-mailng & editing before they woke up this morning).

I’ll be back soon.

Here is a peek of an engagement session featured on Green Wedding Shoes today.

I adore this blog & am so honored to have this engagement session featured on there! ♥

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