Digital Files

My wedding packages include a disc of your wedding day proofs and written permission to have them printed for personal use. Proofs are high resolution files that are suitable for printing at various sizes and at a lab of your choice. Sometimes they are “Straight Out of the Camera” {SOOC} and sometimes they are slightly tweaked for lighting. Proofs are not edited or enhanced. They are perfect for 4×6 albums or personal scrapbooking.

Portrait clients will only receive the digital proofs with the purchase of certain collections.

There are a number of enhancements I can make to files: lighting & color adjustments, blemish removal, skin smoothing, sharpening, artistic coloring, textures, special effects, removing distracting background elements, etc. I love working with Photoshop, but my goal is to always shoot so that my SOOC file is very close to the edited file. Most of the digital darkroom editing I do is simply to strengthen what is already there. I usually make subtle changes so that the subject is still the focus of a viewer’s reaction, not my Photoshop work. The editing time I spend on the files and the equipment I work on is built into the cost of my products. Every print that is ordered through my site is mounted and specially treated to ensure they retain their quality for years to come. Edited files are not included in the disc and are reserved for prints & products ordered from my professional print lab.

When I shoot groups or static subjects, the original SOOC shot is generally pretty close to the proof {because I have time to adjust my camera before every shot}. Edited files vary based on my own artistic discretion:

When shooting children that are moving, there isn’t time to adjust my camera settings, sometimes the change is more noticeable:

I hope this clarifies my method of delivering files. Please always inquire if you have any other questions at Thank you!

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