The City Flea in Cincinnati | Fall 2014 Season

Yesterday my friend invited me to check out The City Flea in Cincinnati for my first time. When we arrived, I was able to take in the experience as someone without expectations. My only guess is that it would feel like a large scale garage sale of vintage trinkets.
I was wrong and I’m about to explain why.

We did see vintage booths, but they were gorgeous and well thought out. We spent the day admiring the handwork of many talented artisans and curators. Most sell online or have local brick and mortar shops, so they are definitely aware of what buyers want. They brought a selection of their goods and represented zip codes across the state. I couldn’t resist two purchases, and the other two shops I’m sharing are perfect for rare Christmas gift ideas.

The City Flea in Cincinnati | Rock Paper Scissors Cincinnati |

Rock Paper Scissors is located in Cincinnati’s Over the Rhine District. Checking out their booth made me wish I were ten and drawing with pastels in  art class. I loved their selection of local cards & indie music. I was drawn to the cards, because I know the value of having my own little card stash for a rainy day.
This sweet little Washington Park card was designed by Andi of ap loves design.

The City Flea in Cincinnati | Captain Bessies |
I have to mention this booth because Justine & I were both exceptionally impressed with the eclectic style Nicole & Amber brought to The City Flea. It was full of cultured pieces that boasted intricate details & smart options.  I was thrilled to find out that it was their first collaboration and I hope they do it again. I’m excited to follow @ambertown & @nicole_musgrave to see what they have up their sleeve in the future. You can see previews of what you missed on their IG accounts.

The City Flea in Cincinnati | 419 Trading Co |
419 Trading Co was like walking into a store. It was branded consistently & Paul Fisher is exactly what you see in each product. I hope that my brothers are NOT reading this post. Because this is Christmas. Sorry if you are, but there are so many products that it will be hard to narrow them down. If you check out the site, you’ll notice that you can buy online or find 419 Trading Co items in a few shops around the state (Dayton, they are sold at Clash!).
The City Flea in Cincinnati | On the Prowl Vintage |

This skirt caught my eye twice before I finally pulled it from the rack.
I had one request and one request only from this skirt: please fit over my hips & booty simultaneously. 
Thanks to their pop up changing tent, I delightfully found out that this skirt & I are going to be a pair this fall.
And by fall, I mean this week. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are coming in August and it appears wool skirts are too.
We snagged a deal at On the Prowl by taking advantage of their buy two get one free incentive.

I tagged along with Justine & her two little ones, and clearly there was plenty of fun for them too! Apparently it’s tradition to blend E’s little strawberry smoothie by cycling to crush the ice at the Coffee Emporium spot. I know two boys that will enjoy this.

The City Flea in Cincinnati |
The City Flea in Cincinnati |

Thanks for reading my thoughts, looking forward to next time!


We grabbed lunch at C’est Cheese food truck.
There is not a picture of my “So Gouda” sandwich, but I loved the caramelized onions + fig preserves combination.

All images are iPhone 4 | Shot with Camera+ & edited in Afterlight
Justine’s dress isn’t dirty, my dear old phone just likes to add “creative” black speckles on images.


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