Love is Christmas

 Love is Christmas
by Sara Bareilles

I don’t care if the house is packed
Or the strings of light are broken

I don’t care if the gifts are wrapped
Or there’s nothing here to open

Love is not a toy, and no paper will conceal it
Love is simply joy that I’m home

I don’t care if the carpet’s stained we’ve got food upon our table
I don’t care if it’s gonna rain, our little room is warm and stable

Love is who we are, and no season can contain it
Love would never fall for that
Let love lead us, love is Christmas

Why so scared that you’ll mess it up? When perfection keeps you haunted
All we need is your best my love, that’s all anyone ever wanted

Love is how we do, let no judgment overrule it
Love I look to you, and I sing

Let love lead us, love is Christmas
Let love lead us, love is Christmas 

As I’ve been ironing & trimming the last few scraps of muslin fabric, tying the last pine branches to picture packages,
and assembling prints for the last time this year, I’ve been drinking in the message of this beautiful song.

I first heard it as I was losing my mind “Christmas spirit” as I wrestled stubborn broken lights that wouldn’t untangle from my
pre-lit tree. My hands were scratched from hours of trying to undo the perfect wrapping of lights that were clearly never
intended to be removed from the tree. It was the beginning of the month and I was already failing.

When Decembers roll around, I want to give my kids a hearty portion of treasured Christmas memories.
The truth is, it’s nearly impossible for any of us to squeeze in every ounce of our good intentions.

Aiming for perfection as a mother is a guaranteed quick fail.

Instead of surrendering to the certainty that I will always be inadequate during this season,
I’m encouraged that tender love will be remembered far more fondly than shiny packages or plastic toys.

Boys Playing Magicians in a Storage Container

Kevin handcuffing Damian and teaching him the “magic trick” of getting out.
He is obsessed with magic tricks this year!

Parking lot fun
Snow fight

My glasses broke in this snowball fight. It will always be epic to us.

Love when he can wear big brother

I loved that he was able to fit his big brother’s old coat & sweater.
He loved his red ambulance & wearing a green Angry Bird on his forehead.

Love is Christmas

We live simply & imperfectly & I am so grateful every second of this wonderful life. ♥

Really though, check out this song if you haven’t heard it already.

All images taken from my iPhone 4 and edited in the app Afterlight with the exception of the last one.




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