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Happy Valentine Eve.

I’ve been inspired by all the Pinterest pins about DIY canvas photos using Modge Podge glue and swore I’d make one someday.
Of course that never happened.
After I came across mini canvases with easels at JoAnn Fabrics a couple years ago, I thought it would look great in a petite version.
It’s a sweet little project that requires minimal planning, and is perfect for your wedding or engagement pictures.

Check out Mark & Jenn’s entire wedding post, here.

DIY Mini Canvas with Wedding Photos by
DIY Mini Canvas with Wedding Photos by


  • Mini Canvas – I’ve come across them at JoAnn Fabrics & Walmart. Walmart sells them in sets with the wooden easels, JoAnn lets you pick and choose them separately. I recommend getting them separately if you’d like to pick up more canvases than easels or want a variety of sizes.
  • Easel
  • Modge Podge & Old Paintbrush
  • Scissors or X-Acto Knife
  • Ruler
  • Awesome Picture

DIY Mini Canvas with Wedding Photos by

First, I measure the canvas to make sure I order the correct size photo print.
Mine were 3.5 inches by 2.5 inches, so two fit just perfectly in a 4 x 6 print.

I used InDesign to set up a 4 x 6 inch document and resized my images to fit inside two 3.5 x 2.5 rectangles.
I’ve made these several times as gifts to friends & family, and I always order at least two extra prints.
Just in case the knife slips while I’m cutting or some other little disaster.

DIY Mini Canvas with Wedding Photos by

Cut the photographs to size.

DIY Mini Canvas with Wedding Photos by

Line up the photograph on the canvas that it will be glued on top of.
Make sure it is a good fit and doesn’t need trimmed {sometimes the canvases can be irregular shapes or my cutting is not quite perfect}.

Lay the trimmed picture on the canvas.
You have a moment or two to slide it around and set it so that it is centered.
Use a tissue to press the image on the canvas gently.
Leave it alone and let it dry for about five minutes.Using a paintbrush, brush a layer of the Modge Podge glue on the canvas.

DIY Mini Canvas with Wedding Photos by
Easy enough for a two year old to do.
Ha. He was jealous that I was making a mess so I invited him to join me as a bribe to keep him happy until I finished.

DIY Mini Canvas with Wedding Photos by
DIY Mini Canvas with Wedding Photos by

I like to make mine with a little bit of texture to mimic a painting.
I do this by painting on the front of the image.
It will feel scary to brush white Modge Podge on your photograph, but it won’t stay that way.
The glue goes on white and dries clear.
My personal rule is that I like to make sure that skin on faces is clear, and I use more texture on the outer edges.
I added a tiny bit of glitter dust to my family Christmas picture canvas and a friend told me her daughter made one with a lipstick kiss!

DIY Mini Canvas with Wedding Photos by
DIY Mini Canvas with Wedding Photos by
DIY Mini Canvas with Wedding Photos by
DIY Mini Canvas with Wedding Photos by
DIY Mini Canvas with Wedding Photos by
Thanks to Mark & Jenn for stepping out at sunset of their Cincinnati wedding so I could capture that gorgeous moment of them!
DIY Mini Canvas with Wedding Photos by

Prints $.45

Canvas $1.00

Easel $1.00

Modge Podge about $8 {you will only use about a teaspoon of the bottle}

DIY Mini Canvas with Wedding Photos by
Here’s a bonus image of one I made a year ago for my husband. I scanned an old photograph & had it reprinted.
Love seeing his Grandma holding him next to my kitchen sink!
They are great gifts for guys & you can make a few at a time so that you can switch them out seasonally.

DIY Mini Canvas with Wedding Photos by

Here is a little behind the scenes video I made with the Vine App of this process:

This is definitely not a new concept, but I hope someone feels inspired! ♥

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  • alli - February 13, 2013 - 1:40 pm

    Absolutely love this! I always want to buy those little canvases at the store. The one with the old photograph is perfect. : )

  • Andrea - February 13, 2013 - 6:28 pm

    Thanks Alli! I was so drawn to them too, they are so versatile & adorable! One Christmas I made several of them with vintage photographs like this for gifts and it was so fun. Also love how easy it is to add new ones each season!

  • eric von lehmden - February 18, 2013 - 8:41 am

    That is so cool. I work with Canvas Press (we print photos onto canvas) and it is always great to see people’s creativity and enthusiasm for putting their own photos on canvas. Let me know if we can ever help with a project of yours or just give us a shout to chat about what we do. Great post!

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  • Collin - May 1, 2013 - 11:12 pm

    You have shared an excellent DIY Mini Canvas for Wedding Photo, i like this unique idea, many thanks for sharing this great DIY project..

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