Wonderful Fall

My favorite kind of light, is the kind that is the most fleeting.
The most elusive unless I am careful to notice its presence.
There is something wonderful about knowing I must treasure the glow before it disappears.
Once it fades & night is here,
I am always glad I did. ♥

-Andrea Dozier

Above images are from my Instagram feed, brought to you entirely by my iPhone.
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Last week was a blur of sick kiddos, doctor visits, working late into the nights, and cold rain.
We had one golden evening and had a little sunset picnic next to the lake.
I’ve been loving the colors & flavors of a full blown autumn.
Around here, we’re trying to sip on the sweetness of the season, but still find balance.

 I also had the chance to attend my ten year high school reunion.
It was refreshing to see old friends & interesting step into “Andrea Bell’s” shoes for a bit.
They don’t really fit anymore, but I guess that’s the nature of growing & becoming who we are.
It was nice to see people in person, the internet will never be able to replace that feeling! ♥

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