Ohio DIY Backyard Wedding

Last night I fell asleep with one thought on my mind:


It is such an honor to meet a few of you who are faithful readers & followers. To hear your stories and soak up your encouragement. I am so humbled to listen to you & to know that my art has touched you. Even more humbled to know you are sharing my work with people you love.
I’m thankful to know that the light I try to chase & capture inspires you too.

Sunset Portraits at an Ohio Backyard Wedding via AndreaDozier.com

This photograph is from Joe & Becca’s country backyard wedding a couple weeks ago. I loved that while we were eating the DJ beautifully sang Thank You {by DIDO} and as I was preparing their preview, I just knew that I had to take a moment to let you know how much it means to me that so many of you take time to come visit me here or on Facebook. I’m thankful for every opportunity to let you see just how beautiful you are or to capture a one of a kind memory through my photography.
My heart is full and I would certainly hug you if I could.

Thank you my friends. ♥

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