All In A Matter of Thyme

It’s becoming very clear to me that I can not be the typical wedding photography blog{ger}. Most of my energy & time is spent being a mama, especially as I’ve cut back the number of weddings I photograph {to spend more time being a mama}. Everyone says that you should blog what you like, and even though I do like love my job {and will continue to blog beautiful weddings}, it’s not the only thing in my life. I’m realizing that the reason why I find it so cumbersome to blog my work is because I am not sharing what I’m most passionate about. Although I created a personal blog, it was hard to separate what is only professional & what belonged there. For me, it’s the little details that I sometimes want to share the most. Like playing around with thyme & shaping cursive letter A’s…

Some of you might have noticed some layout & category changes I’ve made to my blog. I’d love to unroll a new design as well, but I am in transition & just want to test the waters a bit before I commit to a new “face.” I’ve begun to optimize your experience by separating my blog into three easy to find categories. You can now find the personal posts {plus some posts from my personal blog now added to this one}, “Sweet Threads” in one category on the top menu. Weddings & Portraits in the “Weddings” link, and “DIY” projects in that link.

If you enjoy all of the posts, you can just always click on the “Home” link or where everything is found in one place.

Thanks so much for your sweet support & feedback! Please feel free to let me know what you think! ♥

* I think that quote I used in the photograph was written by another Andrea {clearly a *little* biased} but I couldn’t help but like it.  “She is confident, honest, loyal, protective of what she has, strong, artistic, beautiful inside and out, excellent lover. A tower of strength for those she cares for, the rock to her family.” -The meaning of Andrea from the Urban Dictionary



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