An Ode to Almost

Last night I felt plenty blessed as I scanned over hundreds images I had already forgotten.
These photographs told our story as we fell in love with a very new Damian.
Quietly in the background, our house was a backdrop I didn’t even recognize.
In a short time, this little cottage has been changed from the inside out.
Walls have come down & been rebuilt, layers of wallpaper scraped off & covered in fresh paint, dead trees & fences have been removed,
carpets pulled out & wooden floors refinished, new windows installed, a staircase taken apart {that one is a funny story}…
On & on I could name these changes.
In every room there is evidence of my husband’s hands at work.

It seems that as soon as one project is complete the next one is alarmingly obvious.
Or maybe it’s just been so exciting to see this home transform we can’t wait until it all feels finished.
And wouldn’t it be so nice if this were here or that could be replaced with something more stylish?

Sometimes I’m so focused on how I want things to be,
I forget to be thankful for where we are.

Today I woke up with new eyes.
Our little cottage is the most comforting & cozy of any place we’ve lived in these last eight years.
As I did morning chores I treasured it even more.
Broken stones in some of the flowerbeds? Yes.
Garage door that needs to be replaced? Yes.
Flowers that I’ve tried to grow, but haven’t quite found their place? Yes.

Learning to balance ambition with contentment is a mystery.
One I’ve been pondering over multiple cups of coffee today.
Everything is on the tip of blooming & maybe there is something wonderful in just knowing it’s almost time for it to happen.
At least there is encouragement in seeing how far it all has come…

The white phlox below {left} were originally planted in too much shade. I moved them & I’m crossing my fingers they’ll recover.
The ones on the right were planted in better light & faring much better.

I’ve been watching for our peonies all spring and they will bloom soon.
We were excited this rhododendron seemed happy where Rocky planted it & is still thriving. I love the shape.
Happy rainy spring day ♥


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  • Mary - April 25, 2012 - 4:39 pm

    It’s always so easy to lose focus..I’ve done it for a life time 🙂
    We have to remember to live our lives the best way we can.
    We know tomorrow isn’t promised so we must enjoy today!
    Just remember…It slips by way too fast!

  • Sheila - April 26, 2012 - 9:22 am

    Love your perspective!

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