Styled. Magazine The Art of Autumn Merrymaking | Fig Spread with Hooray Design

Around here we are embracing cooler weather & grey skies. The trees are subtly letting go of green and embracing amber hues.

Fall has arrived in crisp spirit & summer is becoming a sweet memory, {no matter how many calendar days say otherwise}.

I’m not sorry to dust off my boots & slip on cardigans.

I’m a Midwest girl & I love my seasons. ♥

Last June Alli & I shot a spread for Styled. The Art of Autumn Merry Making. It is an online magazine with “over 100 pages filled with some of my favorite ideas, people, projects and links for making merry this fall” says founding editor Victoria. You can view it online {perfect for viewing on your iPad} or you can purchase it in print!

Beautiful Cover Photograph By: JACKIE WONDERS

I always love working with Alli, the lovely writer of Hooray Design, because I always feel like we work in sync. Even though we’ve only met in person a few times, we can talk or be perfectly silent & it’s not awkward or intimidating. She is such a creative soul & I love how her thrifty ideas always inspire me! It’s easy to photograph her tables & DIY projects because I always feel so connected & excited about what I’m shooting.

These bottles are covered with scraps from an Anthropologie magazine… I love the colors & textures.

I want to throw a harvest party like this with ombre fruits & vegetables dressing up my table! 😀

Thanks for letting me share your creative & beautiful ideas Alli! See her post on Hooray Blog about this fall party here.

If you haven’t already, grab a pumpkin latte & check out Styled. this weekend!
Don’t forget to sneak in some time to browse Victoria’s blog, A Subtle Revelry.
She has a way of infusing original ideas on her posts, you’ll love her clever DIY projects! ♥

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