Paper Ribbon Stretchers & Hydrangeas

We needed to get out of the house, so on Sunday I took the boys shopping. Kevin found the toys at Pier 1 and uncovered a “ribbon stretcher.” I absentmindedly told him to put it back. Then I remembered how much I enjoyed getting them from my elementary school.One day a year, they had a fundraiser in February. I remember getting these little toys specifically from that mini carnival. There is something surprising & mystifying about being able to swat people with them & reach them without being in arm’s reach. My brother Steven & I pretended they were swords as we walked home in the snow. We hit each other with them until they ripped.

I wanted Kevin to experience the phenomenon of having one. All for one dollar.
I love Hydrangea bushes. Rocky planted a row of them for me & I stare at them often. I always remember that line from “It’s a Wonderful Life” and they feel so legendary.

I was distracted from the boys for a moment & turned around to this adorable scene. I took this before I changed the exposure & it was really dark. I had to include it though. This was such an honest moment, I will treasure it forever. Probably more because if I would have stopped to make sure it was exposed perfectly, I would have missed it.
I put these last two photographs together on purpose. By the end of the night, after baths, both of them ended up crying over something. It was humorous to look back & see quickly their little moods changed so drastically. Definitely had long phone call with Rocky & a little wine after they finally went to bed.

That man I’ve been missing all week comes home tomorrow.
We are all so excited. It feels like Christmas Eve around here.

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  • Anna of IHOD - August 17, 2011 - 6:26 am

    So just discovered your gem of a blog here and had to say how beautiful your family is. The smiles are precious!

    So happy your husband comes home! Have a wonderful week!

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