Pitter Patter

Today was full of work, frustrations, and a lot of cleaning. We tried to enjoy our weekend, which meant we woke up on Monday morning to a messy house, no groceries, & a “to-do” list longer than my patience. So I decided to clean. It’s what I do when I’m angry. When I’m sad. When I’m worried.

I know it doesn’t take any of that away, but it sure feels good to have a pity party in a clean house.

A few hours into it, I noticed Damian’s lips pouted in determined concentration.
Something he gets from his dad.
Then he just took off.

Sometimes cautious.
Sometimes {almost} running.
Some tiny spills.
Some wobbly steps.
Some very big smiles.
He’s been walking in little bits for a month, but today he just decided that he’s a walking man for good.
Just like his brother did four years ago.

These boys have a way of making us forget whatever it was that we thought was so important…

 Daddy came home shortly after the walking bonanza began & celebrated Damian’s achievements with us.
I will need to get used to the necessity of putting shoes on his little baby feet.
I love taking little walks around our neighborhood. There are lots of Grandmas who grow beautiful flowers & share their puppies with Damian.
 He just turned eleven months on Sunday. I want to weep and reminisce about the baby that I am losing, but I was so proud & happy for him… there wasn’t really room for that today. Those feelings will return & I’ll allow myself the luxury of giving them my complete attention. I’m sure there will be many tears & plenty of chocolate involved. ♥
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  • Katie Stratton - June 7, 2011 - 9:53 am

    oh my oh my. are we ever in the same boat! so many milestones along the way. this is one of the most beautiful ones.
    p.s. i'm so happy you started a blog!!


  • Andrea Dozier - June 24, 2011 - 11:06 am

    Thank you Katie, YOU are so incredibly inspiring! I really hope I meet you soon, I think we would be great friends 🙂

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