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I am contemplating re-naming this blog to Andrea Dozier: Previews.

It seems that is all you are getting lately! With a rush of warm, beautiful weather, I’ve had to overlap several sessions into a short amount of time that had previously been rained out. I’ve also continued to work with some gorgeous brides & can’t wait to continue sharing in full what I’ve been up to. I love being able to shoot so much more, {even though I’ve somewhat abandoned this blog}. I am excited that I am doing my favorite part of my wedding photography job- working with happy couples & capturing genuine dreamy moments.

Many of you follow my work on Facebook and have been able to see these previews first.

This is an engagement session in Troy, Ohio with a couple who loves their pups & loves to go fishing:

This wedding was also in Troy, Ohio, with the wedding & reception held at the lovely & historic Troy Hayner Cultural Center.

Finally, even though I have not been able to continue to do family & baby sessions, I have made a couple exceptions lately. Here is one of baby Adalay who’s mama was the first person I ever photographed as a “job.” She saw something in my personal work & design projects that I didn’t see… I’m so grateful for people like her who encouraged me to do what I am doing now!

Our little house is also coming along and also sports a fresh coat of paint. It just seems that spring has been full of growth & change. Two things I welcome wholeheartedly. ♥

P.S. After a very busy month, I am taking tomorrow off to hang out with my family at the Troy Strawberry Festival. Will I see you there?!

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  • Victoria - June 10, 2011 - 12:51 pm

    Lovely photos, the shot of the newborn is gorgeous, I love the fluffy blanket!

  • Andrea - June 25, 2011 - 12:19 am

    Thanks Victoria! Me too! Her mommy was actually holding her on her lap & it covered her. So funny what pictures don’t always show 😀

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