The Little Things

I’ve always loved the movie, It’s A Wonderful Life. Not only for the lovely imagery of that era, or the sweet love story between George & Mary, or the romance of Christmas embodied in the 130 minutes of the film… but because I always dreamed of restoring an old house the way Mary does.

My husband & I both grew up in old homes and have decided that perhaps the layout was quite similar to each other… according to our memories and cross referencing our childhood stories. The house we live in now, is not quite an antique, but definitely old enough to need some cash thrown into it tender love. We spend many conversations speculating the most strategic ways to make it our own. It’s kind of exciting to see it slowly become a place with our fingerprints on it.

This week we had all the windows replaced. There were some that would not budge or were missing screens, so I find myself accidentally smiling as I smugly open them on purpose. Just because I can.

While the men were working on them, they put plastic over my “studio office” {another work in progress} as protection. I was forced to take a little break from work that day & treated myself to a scrumptious breakfast that included lightly toasted bread & some black raspberry jam I found last week at the farmers’ market…

I think I will need to close off the studio just a little more often. Have a lovely weekend ♥

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