He was supposed to leave for Kuwait today.

My husband’s orders had been issued. He had been training off and on for several months. He was almost finished with his out processing briefings. We were waiting for his new uniforms to come in so he could get his name & stripes sewn on in time to pack them for the deployment. He was shopping around for a laptop that would sustain a lot of sand & dust. The weeks were slipping away quickly as we inevitably neared the goodbyes. We were praying I’d have the baby before he had to board the plane.

That wouldn’t have happened, I’m still very pregnant.

We had been bracing ourselves for the impact of his absence for months. After everything we did to get ready for this day, it’s hard to believe that he is at work as usual. There is no new laptop. Those uniforms will go to someone else. The plane left calmly without him.

He gets around a little slower with a wheelchair or crutches, but to me, he’s never looked better.

I’ll keep you posted when baby boy gets here… soon I hope! ♥

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