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In honor of the respect I have for the military and all they have sacrificed for us since September 11, I wanted to share a special post. I went to high school with Kelly, but only recently got to know her. She is incredible, an army wife who has really inspired me (she finished a bachelor’s degree with two children at home during this deployment}! Her husband, Jerry, will be coming home from a year long deployment in a few weeks and I wanted to share their Rock the Dress Shoot. He had an emergency in the family and ended up coming home for about a week last spring. We went out and shoot this during that special time when he would only be there for a few moments before returning to Egypt. I loved these pictures because they were so genuine. I barely had to ask them to do anything, the joy and love was all over their faces. It was such an honor to be able to capture it. {I give Military 10% off portrait sessions}.

DSC_0290 copy

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A lot of photographers call it Trash the Dress, but I prefer to think of it as a glamorous session. I’m not against anyone ruining their dress, but a lot of people who are booking these sessions with me are really wanting “the wedding pictures they never had.” It’s an opportunity to take beautiful pictures without the stress or time constraints of the wedding. Grooms are optional, but encouraged to come.
Please contact me if you are interested, I think it’s a lovely way to remember and renew the love from your special day.

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