Five {Wonderful} Years

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I spent the weekend away with my husband to celebrate our birthdays & fifth wedding anniversary. I think that the most wonderful gift I could have ever given myself is that we were married the day after my birthday. Even though I am not always thrilled about my birthday coming around, thinking of our anniversary makes me so happy I usually forget to be in a bad mood about my age :]

We had moved to Texas during our first anniversary and the cake never made it down. I really wanted to do a special top tier this year, and probably started a new tradition for us. I’m always game for any excuse to have dessert!

It’s been a busy week so I just made a little homemade yellow cake with my fresh vanilla bean frosting {the icing resembles ice cream}. I made it for my son’s third birthday and fell in love with the flavor. I am always on the hunt for icing flavors that are elegant without being too sweet. You can find the simple one I use on my other blog {soon} at Military Spice.

I didn’t have a lot of time on my hands this week so I made the gumpaste flower {inspired by my favorite headband} in the hotel room. I forgot scissors, so Rock had to save the day with his Leatherman {knife & wire cutters}. As a Biomedical Technician, he always has one somewhere!

He is a good sous chef…
and the best husband,
father to our son,
& gentleman that I could have ever asked God to send my way.
I’m so thankful to be his wife.

Trust me, five years will go by very quickly! Savor every moment.
{And every last slice of vanilla bean buttercream}.

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