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We had a moody overcast day for Fred & Sally’s engagement session {a lot like today}! They didn’t let on that it was also a cold day. No problem when you are as excited as them to get married & have a blanket between shots to warm up with. I loved Sally’s effortless style & that she wanted to do them at a farm!

Fred & Sally, thanks so much for being sticking out the weather! Best wishes to you two! ♥

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  • Jen O. - April 30, 2012 - 6:04 am

    Gorgeous set of images, Andrea. So beautiful and serene.

I’m so excited for these two! Will managed a stealth-sneak-into-town & surprise his longtime girlfriend, Myranda with a visit after not seeing each other for months!
He also brought a pretty ring & a plan to ask her to marry him.
Their friends & family got to witness the beautiful scene as their surprise reunion + engagement took place.
Before he had to go back to his base in Florida they wanted to have some engagement portraits taken.
I’m so happy these pretty blooms held on long enough for us to have them in the picture ♥

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Judging from this morning’s tweets, I believe today is officially the beginning of Fall. I haven’t checked for sure yet, but the rain & pumpkin candles I’m burning say it’s so. The end of summer brings a special season:Â Engagement Sessions!

Many of you planning spring & summer weddings can’t wait to get dressed up & get your pictures taken in the next few weeks. One of the most frequently asked photography questions I get is “What should guys wear for engagement pictures?” It’s kind an ambiguous topic. Women have fun shopping & find satisfaction in new dresses. Guys tend to be a little more reluctant to take fashion risks. Sure, they have clothes. But what in the world do they wear for portraits? Not just any portraits, but the “first, official, we are going-to-be-a-couple-forever announcement type portrait.” No pressure, right?

Five Tips for Fall Engagement Fashion – FOR MEN.
I designed these images with boards I made on Polyvore {that also allow you to shop these J Crew looks}.

1. It’s ok to be neutral. I say this because I really like to ask the bride to be the center of attention for a majority of the portraits. I think that a print on a dress or a color that complements her skin tone can make a really awesome focal point for pictures. I think of the guys as the “supporting cast.” For the most part, guys don’t have the same insecurities as women. Making her comfortable & beautiful is really important. If you wear a neutral color that enhances hers, you will have a very cohesive look. Which means: people will think you’re meant for each other based on your wardrobe alone. #winning

Fall Engagement Fashion for Men by andreadozier on

2. Dress neatly. Your clothes should fit well, maybe even slightly tighter than normal. You want to be able to move (of course, if you are getting photographed by me), but check to make sure that there aren’t pieces that could be more tailored. If this means you should opt for a new pair of dark jeans or khakis, they will last well into your marriage. She will think you’re pretty dang handsome every time you wear them.

3. Shoes. Photographers like to take pictures of shoes. It’s kind of artsy, it’s kind of offbeat. It’s fun. Most importantly, because she probably didn’t sleep for three nights trying to figure out which ones she would wear! She loves to see pictures of her pretty shoes. Remember this when covering your feet.

4. Sunday best. {Not casual Friday}. I think there is a misconception that if you want casual pictures, you should dress like it’s a vacation morning on a rainy day. Lounge clothes {loose jeans, t shirts, gym shoes} are really comforting. However, look to your photographer {and maybe a shot of Jack} to help you loosen up. You can wear fashionable attire, and still have amazing candid lifestyle photography. You can even have a vintage or modern style & still look at ease. That is the art of a good photographer. To help you relax even in clothes you don’t like to wear. As wedding photographers, we do this on a weekly basis for the men wearing tuxedos. Trust us {wink wink}.

5. Look to the “fakes.” Remember the mannequins at the stores that we always ignore? I know you rarely “shop the look.” However, take notes. Usually there are layered styles {perfect for keeping warm for those of you in Dayton or the Midwest} with pops of color in the right places. If you feel at a complete loss, this is not a bad place to start! It helps keep the flow of the session going {so you don’t have to change everything} and still gives you variety of colors & textures in your photographs. If you’d rather browse online, look at the “lookbooks” or full body scans. Thank me later.

I spent time earlier this morning making a Pinterest board for an upcoming portrait session and that inspired me to do this.
Please feel free to share this link with your engaged friends and let me know if you find this helpful!
Whether you are trying to dress him for engagement pictures, family portraits, a Christmas card, or just a freaking Facebook pic {for goodness sake}!
Have a good weekend! ♥
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Mike & Helen live in Cleveland, so I didn’t have a chance to meet them until their engagement session. We had spoken on the phone several times,
and not only is Helen really sweet, but she is from England & has the most beautiful accent.
I can see why she got Mike’s attention when they happened to meet backpacking in New Zealand.

Isn’t that an amazing sentence? “We just happened to meet hiking in New Zealand.”

Their story is unique & the kind of thing that inspires writers. Or photographers.

They’ve traveled around the world & always end up taking pictures of each other, not together.
It was such a gift to give them their very own collection of images that include both of them.

There is another part of this story. I had decided to meet my parents at my Grandparents’ home in Columbus before heading over to meet Mike & Helen. Everything was wonderful (I had plenty of extra time to get there) until I went a little too fast over some train tracks & broke the oil pan in my car. It started to smoke immediately & I pulled over. It was very fortunate that a van full of three Army Reservists was behind me & pulled over with me. It was such a relief to see their familiar uniforms. They looked at the car & told me about the damage I did and NOT to drive it. At all. I was mortified. I didn’t want to cancel their session, but I had no idea what to do. My parents came to my rescue & let me borrow their car while they took care of getting mine towed & sent to a repair shop.
Helen & Mike were so understanding and their session went off without a hitch.

I quickly learned my lesson and how to drive a Prius. ♥


My car is back & better than ever. I’m thankful I didn’t drive it and incur more damages. Here is a bonus photograph of a little friend we met along the way…

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  • sarah - August 23, 2011 - 5:15 am

    lovely and sweet. i LOVE the ring shot.

  • Megan - August 24, 2011 - 1:10 pm

    Wow, what a gorgeous day! It sounds like you had a wonderful time. Glad you got to see your family as well. I agree that the ring shot is beautiful!

  • Andrea - September 4, 2011 - 8:49 am

    Thank you Sarah & Megan! Megan, I peeked at for work & it’s so pretty! I love your drawings & illustrations, I’m so happy I “found” you 😀

  • Emily A. - October 12, 2011 - 4:52 pm

    Such a sweet session! I especially love the two black and white photos. Way to keep it together even with such a traumatic car experience!